Contaminated Dreams

who spilt oil in my dreams
and corrupted my days.

who preached your moral lies,
to disguise your dirty ways.

Far from honest
but honestly it’s your words that persist.
The first time in my life
I could say, I felt missed.

Late night calls just to see
That you were doing okay,
yet so quickly you change,
as you throw me away.

And without pity
who lacks the power to care,
stop tormenting my nights
with your harrowing glare.

~ Andrew


7 responses to “Contaminated Dreams

  1. Exactly Andrew! I feel Michael ‘covered up’ the truth with silence & avoidance.
    I believe he found that being around a lady named Barb with a car & some money was the ‘reason’ for just walking out of my life. Sad but true. Silly as we were friends & not ‘involved’ so I would have not been jealous…..
    Barb on the other hand……hmmmm…..

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  2. That is how I felt when my friend Michael disappeared out of my Life. He & I were friends for 7 years; best friends & yes a man & woman CAN be besties w/out getting ‘involved’.
    He started to change; very subtle…..then he suddenly just stopped calling or visiting. Then his phone was no longer in service? I went around to see him in October of 2013 & he was polite yet aloof & really gave me no answers to what had happened. I left as baffled as when I had arrived. Then April 2014 I saw him with a woman in her car & he was looking quite happy. I did not mind that he was with a woman but why he turned away from me & dumped our friendship w/out a word has haunted me ever since. I miss him a lot. He & I shared so much intellectually & spiritually….it still feels ‘odd’ w/out him in my Life.

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    • It’s unfair to just disappear from someone’s life without a proper goodbye, sometimes people drift apart over time but if one person was drifting away without explanation it would make me just as confused as I imagine you were

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      • Still confused to this day Andrew. I did nothing wrong. Michael just disappeared yet he is still living in same flat & in town. I did not want to go back after the visit I made to him that October. I felt like a fool 😦
        You are right; sometimes people drift apart due to distance or hanging out in different circles; but it is a mutual thing.
        What I experienced was being left behind without a word…..
        I guess there is a reason….

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