Friend Zone

I have an announcement,
and you may disagree,
but the friend zone exists,
and it’s easy to see.

When a guy likes a girl
or the other way round,
but their crush is a friend
they’re eternally bound

to exist in the friend zone
which is hardly a curse,
there are places much darker,
there are places much worse.

The friend zone is friendly,
inviting and gentle.
But there’s a new definition
that is driving me mental.

If a guy tries to say
he deserved her affection,
or a girl said she earned
a guy’s arms for protection

that is not being friend zoned,
that’s entitlement zoning,
where you all deserve better
because you started moaning,

if you truly are friend zoned,
then don’t make them feel guilt,
you can thrive in the friendship,
and don’t leave it to wilt.

You were rejected again,
because she’s not what you need,
but it’s neither her fault nor yours,
yet you’re blinded by greed,

you are desperately trying,
to take a girl on a date,
but your true love is hoping
that you’ll be worth the wait.

~ Andrew
I’m all for the existence of the friend zone, it’s just where two people are friends though one had feelings for the other at some stage. I used to act like I deserved to have girls like me because I’m nice and then I realised how stupid I sounded.


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