Hit Me While I’m Down

I love it when you kick me,
while I’m lying on the floor,
it’s as if my endless torture,
is a sign begging for more.

You kill me with your venom,
you inject it through my veins,
I’m growing tired of your lying
but I guess it’s growing pains.

I’m accustomed to a bullet,
or a fist upon my face,
I’m quite happy to take punches,
while you slowly fall from grace

but I guess I’m getting tired,
so I’m heading out of town
I love the way you hit me,
the way you hit me
when I’m down.

~ Andrew
Some people continue to scratch away at you while you’re beaten and bruised. You’re better than them, believe me you are. Stay positive 🙂 Not saying you should enjoy being beaten up though, just to clarify

7 responses to “Hit Me While I’m Down

    • Thank you! It means a lot to hear such positive thoughts about my poetry. If I ever got the chance to be a lyricist I’d be over the moon, getting to manipulate words for a living would be an incredible amount of fun ^.^


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