Invasion Of Privacy

They came whilst I slept,
like moths to a flame,
through my bedroom they crept
in their sick little game,

they took all they could
and left without warning,
up to no good,
till the sun began dawning.

Word travelled faster
than both light and sound
it would be a disaster,
if the thieves were not found,

they invaded by night
my privacy shattered,
I was told not to worry,
that my privacy mattered.

Yet they come for your secrets,
your freedom of speech,
in a world full of walls
they continue to breach.

~ Andrew
Be careful what you say, there are ways of obtaining information that you don’t want spread. Just be safe ^.^


13 responses to “Invasion Of Privacy

  1. Exactly Andrew! I have seen friends post really stupid things & pix on FB. Then they wonder why they have aggro in their lives. I have even heard prospective employers will check FB profiles!!! That is serious…
    I think it just being responsible for one’s self….

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      • Same here…I never post nasty stuff about others! I would not like it done to me so I would not do it to others.
        I do occasionally post about something in my life but it is not a*secret* as such! And sometimes when I post about the troubles I’m having I get wonderful support…..

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      • Same here. I have seen people post fairly personal things on FB & then they wonder why people are talking about them!!!
        It is best to share personal things only with people we trust. I have some cyber friends I do email with personal things; we are good friends & there is trust there.

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      • If I wouldn’t want something discussed I wouldn’t make it publicly available. I may send someone personal information in a message from time to time but nothing I wouldn’t want held against me (so no insulting anyone :p)

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      • I am always conscious of what I am saying face to face or typing online. Mind you I am an open book & do not have skeletons in my closet. However I do not air many grievances on FB> you never know who knows who & then carries the tale back to the person you are complaining about.
        As for the Government, I would not interest them…..I am really raterh boring now, lol….

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