Jumping To Conclusions

You think you know the answer
Amidst all the confusion
you’ve missed the bloody point
as you’re jumping to conclusions.

You think you know ‘who dunnit’
but your bias holds you back,
you’re stuck inside a cage of lies,
where truth is all you lack

~ Andrew
Falling behind on my work because I’ve had other stuff on my mind. Just a thought to those who rush to what they think is the answer. Not my best poem but the message still stands


11 responses to “Jumping To Conclusions

  1. I have always been affected strongly by words: positive & negative. I have worked diligently to erase the negative words & phrases from my mind & heart.
    Despite my health issues I see myself as a strong; emotionally healthy woman & if others do not agree that is their problem. I have noticed that peoples’ opinions no longer mean much to me!
    And I focus ONLY on the positive comments….. 😉

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    • I often think judging people is the same as jumping to blame someone without evidence, we base a lot of our prejudice on the first few seconds of seeing somebody which often prevents us from getting to know the person behind the face we choose not to like

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      • I totally agree! I know people view me differently now that I use a walker & am over weight. It is like I have been ‘pigeon-holed’ into a specific place yet I am nothing like what people think I am!!!
        Again you have a lot of wisdom!!!! 😉

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      • The long fringe and dark clothes often seem to scare people away but I wear what I feel comfortable in and it’s just a shame others aren’t comfortable with what people choose to wear (or have no choice in what they wear in some cases)

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  2. Great poem Andrew!
    G-d rest her soul but my Mother used to do that ALL the time she would jump to a conclusion about something I ‘did’ or ‘didn’t’ do…
    It was always like walking a tightrope with her. You captured the frustration os the situation perfectly!

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      • Same here Andrew! When I was younger I was seen as a flirt & a dumb blonde. I was far from it running a business & working 20 hours a day…who had time to flirt??? HAHAHA!!!
        Now as a older woman with a weight problem I still have to ‘undo’ conclusions people draw about me. Sometimes I do not even bother…..
        That is 1 good thing about getting older; we care less about what others think…. 😉

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      • I’ve always been strongly affected by the words others say but they become so inconsistent over time with new people getting new impressions that I start to forget what was said of me 5 years ago and start to focus on the new comments

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