Kingdom of Comfort

Within my blanket fort,
Where I have fortified defences,
is a world of perfect actions
where there are no consequences.

I live inside my Kingdom,
where my teddies do my bidding,
I behave much like a child
so you know that I am kidding

when I say ‘Off with your head’
what I mean is listen here,
I’m the master of this fort
and my power is in fear.

All my teddies know their place,
because I tell them how to act,
this is my Kingdom, fort of comfort,
and my friend, that is a fact.

~ Andrew
Ah the joys of blanket forts.. I’m planning to make a longer version of this as a spoken word but I’ve not been writing these past few days so playing catchup a little


7 responses to “Kingdom of Comfort

  1. Same here! I only learned about ‘gender norms’ when I went to College….
    I always did men’s work… Factory work & Tow Truck Operator.
    I am so glad I never listened to the ‘norms’….. 😉


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