Long Nights, Lonely Days

This house is oh so lonely,
yes the spiders feel it too,
there’s an emptiness inside these walls
a piece which once was you.

The doors are stiff,
from two years shut,
the scissors locked,
these sheets uncut,
the plates are clean
and left to dry,
it feels so dead,
the end is nigh.

The halls feel like they’re haunted,
but the ghosts are just our past,
the ghost of you, sings silent tunes,
of what could never last.

With silent rooms,
and empty beds,
and empty frames,
of newly weds
and everything still locked in place,
to hide the truth I have to face.

~ Andrew
A little less positive but I feel that if something bad happens it’s better to change than to just freeze time in that moment. Guess the persona still needs to learn that


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