My Biggest Regret

My biggest regret,
was letting you go,
I kept letting you down,
now I’m letting you know,
that I tried to be strong
and I tried to stay sane
and I tried to belong
but I’m lost in the pain
of not being the armour,
the steel covered heart,
that protects you from harm
as we slowly depart.

~ Andrew
A little poem of regret, I’m currently being completely unproductive and unmotivated which is what has slowed this month of poetry down a bit, I still aim to get to Z in the next 10 days so this is going to be fun


10 responses to “My Biggest Regret

  1. If I had a ‘do over’ things would have be done differently. I would have paid more $$$into Federal Disability & put more into savings & GIC (like Savings Bonds).
    I would have been more prepared for my ‘early retirement’……
    But I have to live in the ‘hear & now’ & no fret over my mis-spent youth, lol….

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  2. Great poem! Even without inspiration (as such) you write dynamite poetry!
    This poem describes my 2nd marriage (6 months long & I walked out * yes I was an A** to do that!).
    Thank you for sharing Andrew….
    Regret sucks!

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, often the way up from a lack of motivation for me is to write a poem that expresses something short and simple, I’m glad you enjoyed it, often I feel that the things we regret aren’t always our fault though, sometimes we make decisions without thinking how it will affect us somewhere further down the road

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      • How did you get to be SO-O wise in such a short time???? You are correct. I was always so impulsive & did not think long term. That whole ‘living for today’ thing was a bit over rated…no; ALOT over rated!!!
        Thank you for understanding!

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  3. Andrew….rather like writers block, unmotivated….but it’s ok, it helps to step back and take a break, you come back refreshed and ready to take on a challenge or writing goal or a pursuit in your life or job… the way, there’s nothing unproductive or unmotivated in this poem… rocks !! good job ~~

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