Ah yes.
I’ll do it later.

I am far greater
than my deadlines define,
refined art as it is,
doing an essay overnight.
I can waste a whole evening,
have it done by first light.

I should probably,
get my head down,
start working,
I can say I’ll be done,
but I’m never quite certain.

And yes,
my procrastination
puts me in situations
where the elimination of time
creates hours in minutes
making a days work
just one thousand
four hundred
and forty seconds.

My fixation
on fixing
three weeks preparation
with three hours
of anti-procrastination
is a liberation of responsibility.

And yet,
when I say done,
pens down,
sheets smeared.
I am blinded by the sun,
and the sleepless nights I feared.

~ Andrew
If you’ve ever done anything last minute, I’m sure you can relate to the relief of being done with the sudden realisation that it didn’t take as long as you thought it would.


9 responses to “Procrastination

  1. ABSOLUTELY Andrew!! I did that thru’ out High School….really really dumb! At least when I was in College years later I was far more organized!
    I do still procrastinate doing bits of housework but then I do other things needed to be done…so it always balances out! ;0

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