I am sick
of sitting on the sidelines,
benched because coach
I swear I’ve got a point to prove.

The voices that told me
that I couldn’t make it,
the choices and chances,
I’m intending to take it
take it in my stride,
leave pride on the sidelines
as I define myself
through actions
and consquences.

I am more
than a substitute,
because nothing beats the real thing
and if you bring
quality to the table
you’ll be able to see
through all the lies
that disguise the so called ‘A Team’

I’m far from perfect
but to be perfectly honest
I could be in and out in 5 seconds

Job done.

I am no one’s reserve,
I keep myself to myself
and that’s as reserved as I get,
let me show you what I mean
when I say I am the epitome of winner.

Let me show you
what I mean,
about a breakthrough
when the ice is getting thinner
because I’ll crack the world like a shell
with a story to tell
about the time your second choice
was the loudest voice
in the ring,
and on the pitch
on court,
that last ditch,
final throw,
all or nothing.

And I’ll show you
What I call my pride,
signs of a man
left of the sidelines.

~ Andrew
I’ve been pushed aside in many aspects of life, in sports, socially and at times in the things I know I’m good at which makes me question my worth but every time you prove somebody wrong it’s the greatest feeling to have


3 responses to “Sidelines

  1. Totally cool poem Andrew!!!!!!
    We all excel at something…be proud of who you are & who you are becoming!!!
    We don’t all have to be ‘jocks’ or ‘geniuses’…we all have our talents…
    That is what makes us unique!!!
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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