The Silent Judge


Many voices scream,
my jury in unanimous agreement
your sentence

is a lie.

Your lies are the truth
Like an aborted mission
you’ve lost your way.

But the screaming jury,
in vicious mute fury
are nothing more
than the voices in my head

and as you tread ice
as thin as the skin you wear
you risk everything
knowing I won’t call you out.

And every time I call out
I’m shot down
because the boy who cried wolf
is just a story
and nobody ever lies.

Keep dreaming.
Many voices screaming are silenced
because power dictates
where the truth truly lies
and the lies that disguise
the foul deeds of the rich
will not be discovered
because Karma’s a bitch
and perhaps it’s her day off.

Perhaps it’s her day off
Every day.

~ Andrew


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