Waiting On A Wish

I’m writing to complain,
that my wish has not come true,
I’ve had it up to here,
so please, tell me what to do.

I was told I shouldn’t speak it,
but it’s getting out of hand,
it’s a year since I first made it
and I couldn’t understand

if perhaps the candles flickered
and I wished a bit too soon,
but I’d really like my birthday wish,
to go with my balloon

today’s a day for presents
as I celebrate my age,
but instead I’m waiting on a gift
smudged letters on the page

To our parents far and wide,
I hope you’re happy that you lied,
there’s no magic touch, I thought as much
Children’s pride

~ Andrew
Still waiting on a couple of my birthday wishes, just thought I’d share the thought. Hope you enjoyed (not actually my birthday but hey ho).


4 responses to “Waiting On A Wish

  1. Wishes and dreams are things we should enjoy but it feels like people want to stifle others. I hope your wishes as you grow are things that will happen for you.


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