X – The Angry Treasure

If an X marks the spot
are we cross,
are we not?

Should we not be ecstatic,
and use something emphatic
to mark the place
which the Pirates forgot?

Is Black-beard annoyed
that his ship was destroyed
and his map made its way to the shore?

Would we not be quite right,
in taking delight
in the light of our treasures galore?

Yes it’s practical see,
two lines cross visibly
and it makes for noteworthy phrase

but what I see is a cross
and I’m left at a loss
As to why we’re not showered in praise.

We are finding what’s lost,
between lines which are crossed
like arms folded, a sign of resent.

If you find buried gold
Expect fortunes untold
And a Pirate, pissed off, discontent.

Whatever the reason,
when it’s gold hunting season,
your back yard is much more than a lawn.

It’s an island at sea,
it’s a whole fantasy
and that’s where your true child is born.

~ Andrew
Continuing the theme of children a little, seems my mind is focused on all the things I kinda miss doing haha


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