You Ripped My Shirt Whilst Clawing At My Heart

You ripped my shirt,
whilst clawing at my heart
and at first I was hurt
that you would tear us apart

then I saw deadly claws,
where your fingers once were
and I noticed your flaws
which before were a blur.

And I shivered, the breeze
that now blew through the holes
made me weak to the knees
ha, relationship goals.

As if this was ambition
as if you even tried,
you destroyed all tradition
when you openly lied

now the holes in my chest
are the bullets you fired
and I’m trying my best
to be what you desired

because you provided a shield
from the truth of today
but when all was revealed
you just threw me away

and you thought you could take
A small token, a prize,
thought my heart would just break
under dirty grey skies

all you tore was my pride,
left me naked, exposed,
left me empty inside
but I kept my mind closed.

I protected my mind
with the shirt, shredded thin,
I will not be defined
by your desire to sin.

You ripped my shirt,
whilst you clawed at my heart,
left me down in the dirt,
but defence is my art

~ Andrew


7 responses to “You Ripped My Shirt Whilst Clawing At My Heart

  1. That would be great!!!
    I know this is a bit off topic but have you ever heard the song “Beautiful” by a American rock band called CREED?

    I put a link up that has lyrics so you can understand what Scott Stape is singing.
    Your poem & his song go together for me at least…..
    Remind me of hubby Kevin who took his own life….

    Liked by 1 person

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