Zombie At The Door

There’s a zombie at my door,
he’s just dying to get in,
he’s been moaning for an hour,
with an awful bloody grin

I think he’s being rather rude
because he hasn’t rung the bell,
knocked a few times with his face
but he doesn’t look too well

He first saw me through the window,
through his empty senseless eyes
he decided he was hungry,
and he has a taste for guys.

Now his buddy has arrived,
he’s more demanding than the first,
the hinges start to creak and crack
as I assume the worst.

There’s a zombie IN my door,
and there’s splinters on the floor
and his friend is coming at me
with my door knob in his jaw

as I keep them all at bay
I crawl slowly up the stairs,
and I barricade the bedroom
with a horde of teddy bears

and there’s zombies at my window,
my carpet ruined by the stains,
and I join the zombie army
with an appetite for brains.

~ Andrew


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