A Day Like Any Other

I saw him every morning,
his suit was steamed
and his tie was just a little off centre.

But right now, he was the centre of attention,
panting for air as he assumed his usual seat on the bus.
He did not cause a fuss,
though he was running behind,
rather, put his mind to the test
by investing his time in crosswords.

He often smiled,
with a face like a child
whose dreams had come true
on Christmas day.
It was the most infectious smile,
one that could brighten your day
from a mile away.
But right now the sky was grey.

She stepped on one stop later
she, who always took the seat at the front,
upon seeing the man
with his head in his hands
she made her first steps down the bus.

Took a seat at his side,
as he cried on her sleeve,
and their chapters collided
as she helped him to grieve.

Tomorrow I’ll see him,
he’ll be dressed to impress,
and she’ll have her handbag
and her hair in a mess
and the guy to the left
with the paper in hand
and the guy in the middle
who chooses to stand,
and the woman I see
walking through the town centre
and the building work fence
with a sign: Do Not Enter.
And through this routine
passing all the same places
I’m surrounded by strangers
with familiar faces.

~ Andrew
Wrote a poem which could easily have been titled familiar faces if not for a poem I wrote over a year and a half ago by the same title. Just thinking a bit about the world today and this is what I came up with, hope you enjoyed it


6 responses to “A Day Like Any Other

  1. I just sighed Andrew….I used to see particular people on the buses on the way to school & they had their routines. I would watch them & I presume people were watching me. Funny how strangers can feel so familiar. It was very comforting to see those faces day after day….
    Thank you for such a great poem!!!!
    P.S.: Congrats on getting accepted into UNI…I KNEW you’d make it 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m all settled in now so I should be back to writing poetry in no time, just got to have a few memorable experiences here first 🙂 I agree that it’s comforting to see someone familiar even if you have never spoken, it helps remind you that you’re on time haha

      Liked by 1 person

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