Fuel to my fire
ignite my ambition,
I shoot for the stars,
with my dream ammunition.

I am driven to win,
I steer clear of distractions,
my tank has the power
to reach satisfaction.

I’m energy’s master.
I’ve got boundless desire,
my skin may be thick
but my dreams will transpire

they’ll rise to the surface
giving extra protection,
it’s a dangerous path
on the road to perfection.

But I’ve got motivation
and I know I’ll succeed,
because being a dreamer,
is all that I need.

~ Andrew
Poetry well is a bit dry recently, I’m struggling to write at the moment and it’s really frustrating. Trying to write about success and motivation but I really lack the conviction and belief at the moment.


7 responses to “Drive

  1. Great poem Andrew! Like Laura said just let the Muse take you!
    I used to keep a small notebook & jot down a couple of lines. Sometimes weeks even months later I would then write an entire poem….
    It is good to have you back tho 😉

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  2. Andy…writer’s block….the best of them best get it, have it, been thru it….

    with this recent post; I can see you’re back on track though; the poem rocks !! 🙂 the poems will come back; promise !!!

    just don’t “force” your writing; it will show through no matter the words you use; step back from it, take a break… but have a “device” { phone, tablet, pen and paper } at ready… because when the thoughts and idea’s start flowing again, you’ll want to write them down; or send yourself a text, or put your idea’s in an email to yourself; so you dont loose track of them, then you can build on them later 🙂


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