Before we begin
I have already written a best-seller
Things that could go wrong tonight.

I wrote chapters in advance
preoccupied with the chance
that I might speak out of turn
and learn what it means
to make a first time the last time

My mind was divided
when it came to the conclusion
and in my confusion
I wrote ‘to be continued’
though I do not expect to write a sequel.

Perhaps I could write
how it all went to shit,
from the candle lit dinner
to the bottomless pit
of despair that I enter
as a nervous presenter
when she asks me what I’m like.

Then words become mazes,
and I’m lost in the abyss,
and she stands and says goodbye
but without a goodbye kiss
because I’m thinking of the things
I never said and never did.
The rules my mind created
and the things that they forbid

And perhaps I’ll write a sequel,
Call it ‘screw ups, volume two’
and I’ll write about the stupid things
that I’m about to do.

~ Andrew
If you’ve ever had anxiety in some form you’ll know what it means to be terrified of the consequences of every action you make from day to day. I hope this helps to highlight the impact of anxiety on the minds of those who suffer from it


5 responses to “Anxiety

  1. Totally ‘rockin’ poem Andrew!
    Having suffered with Anxiety thru out my 20’s & early 30’s I totally related to this poem. Always thinking & re-thinking scenarios….what ifs…what I should have dones….
    I made myself crazy I can tell you!
    That is one perk of being older; these thing no longer cause me Anxiety!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Andrew

    there’s not a person whose ever lived that has not suffered from anxiety; in some form; though yes, sadly some…. far far worse than others…..

    I’m trying to decide if the first stanza; is part of your poem, or if it’s fact…..if it is indeed fact, congratulations to you; how…. awesome…… is….. this !!!

    oh, and your poem rocks…… hits the “nail on the head” …dead on 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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