My lips form ‘hello’
But my mind says
‘Let’s go’
welcome one and all,
to the ‘All about me’ show.

In an instant I’m reciting
my life from birth to present day,
and if I ever pause for breath
I won’t acknowledge what you say.

I might as well be talking at you,
like I rehearse with my reflection,
I’ll oppose your every word
counter every interjection

this is my conversation,
I made it and thus it’s mine,
you’re the recipient to my story
you must treasure every line

All your questions shall be answered
I’m sure you’d love to know,
how I came to be self centred,
for I speak a tale of woe

yes, for once someone has heard me,
At last I’ve broken through,
I’m a little bit excited,
so please tell me about you.

~ Andrew
Years of having my voice go unheard have made me a bit more self centred in conversation which is hopefully something I’ll grow out of.


5 responses to “Conversation

  1. I too was not seen or listened to or many years. I wrote poetry & THAT got my families attention! I made many like minded friends. Getting out into the world helped me find my story & built confidence also.
    I would love to hear your story….that is why I love reading your poems…..

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  2. We all have stories to tell, for me the greatest skill is to be able to listen. Sometimes you have to draw the story out and other times it flows like a waterfall. But when I learned to listen the truths I heard made my life better. Like any life skill it will take a while and still you can get it wrong especially if you jump ahead. But like any thing we do the first step in changing it is to admit we need to change. Good Luck

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