When it comes to social media,
the world is getting greedier,
we keep pestering Twitter,
demanding  more space.
Hashtag innovation? Or Hashtag disgrace?

If we take away the limit,
what would people choose to tweet?
Twenty minutes into typing
would it still feel incomplete?

If we see retweets by the thousand
for a paragraph of text
what’s to stop us writing novels,
what’s to stop what’s coming next?

We’ll have live tweeting while we’re eating,
too many Hashtags to digest,
even in greeting we’ll be competing
to become the Hashtag best.

~ Andrew
Wrote a poem based on the news that twitter’s character limit might be changed in future. I hope you enjoyed it


6 responses to “#Best

      • You are probably right Andrew….I come from a time where communicating was writing a letter & posting it. We had a party line so only had short phone chats. I guess Life was more compartmentalized. today there is a steady stream of info & sharing going on. I think technology has pros & cons…
        Everything in moderation is probably the best policy….
        I do not Twitter or do Pinterest. As it is I can spend 8 hours doing replies & reading blogs & leaving comments…..a full time job, hahaha!!!

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      • I try not to spend too long on the internet and I’ve managed to get myself away from it a few times recently but ultimately I do love reading and listening to poetry so I end up back on the internet not long after I left

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