Have You Met Me?

You know my name,
but have you met me?
I’m not the same person
I was yesterday,
for the sun is now shining
and it’s warm in the shade.

Have you met me?
Have you seen me when I’m broken,
have you seen me when I’m sad
have you seen me when I’m hungry
have you seen me when I’m mad?

If you’ve not seen my darkness,
don’t indulge in my light,
you’re just there for the highs
leaving me cold in the night.

Have you met me when I’m anxious?
The ‘me’ that’s scared to speak,
the ‘me’ that hates the fighting
Because I feel far too weak.

Have you met the other side of me?
He is happy, he is proud,
he is funny, he’s engaging,
he is confident and loud.

I doubt you’ve ever met him..
very few have seen his smile
but to meet my light and darkness
you will have to stay awhile.

~ Andrew
The world is so focused on the highlights of life they forget that we’re humans and we go through pain and difficulty on the path to happiness. Not everyone sees that and those that don’t usually don’t know you as well as they think they do.


11 responses to “Have You Met Me?

  1. Very very true Andrew. I have made friends all over the world since I joined WP. People who call me monthly from UK or Australia to talk & they call me their Sister. When NYLABLUE became ill with Bowel Disease there were 5 people from different blogs who actually made payments to the Vet’s to cover her meds so we could have 18 extra months together. I never joined here for that reason. What I found was a new family who truly care. People are amazing. My own family only 350 miles away & they do not offer to help & now do not call……
    I find the people I have met here simply amazing.
    And just think I was following your Sister’s blog & we are now friends….pretty cool 🙂

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  2. That is so true….I have had so many people come & go in my face 2 face life. I have found like minded people on the Internet who have been friends for 11-15 years…I started on Internet in 2000. I have friends from my 1st blog 11 years ago. These friendships have weathered the test of time!
    The other thing about the Internet is I have met people I could not meet (like yourself) as I no longer can travel. When I tell people about blogging & all the friends in so many countries they are blown away!
    I even have friends in India & Australia; 2 of my fave countries.
    It is great to have a blog also. We get to meet & share so much here.

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      • It is a full-time job visiting other blogs Andrew! LOL.
        I try to go in rotation so I can stay fairly up-to-date….
        I have met so many ‘crazy’ & sweet cat/dog/bunny/GPigs/other critters…
        In fact there are some I call Family who also feel I am a part of theirs’. That is something special I can tell you….

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  3. There is a reason for the saying walk a mile in my shoes. Some things we can relate to better than others but who you are is you own story and people need to listen.

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  4. *shaking my head in agreement* from a continent away!
    I love it when people imply or say they understand what I am going thru. So I ask have you sat with me at midnite when the bone pain is so bad I can not sleep? or when Siddhartha Henry has gone so ‘crazypants’ I am left on the floor crying my heart out? r when it is the Anniversary of a loved one’s passing & I sit alone sometimes crying & holding a photograph of that loved one.
    People can be so-o clueless….
    Great poem Andrew! Very though provoking….

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      • Three is not enough time to get beyond first impression in Uni I fear!
        However I am sure you make a fine 1st impression. you did with me when I first signed up to follow you.
        I still have friends from Uni days…a few….it was a lot like High School. You swore to be friends forever but got pulled away by life & changes….
        That is the way of things.

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