Social Unity

They say I’m too ambitious,
but some day we’ll manage unity,
a world of social harmony,
and equal opportunity

a world with no harassment,
a world that’s safe for all
a world of friendly strangers
who can catch you when you fall

a world of understanding,
no gaps in generation,
with a functioning society,
good health and education

a world without corruption,
those in power do their part,
a world without destruction,
is the world I’d like to start.

~ Andrew
It may be a long way off but there are so many things that need to changed in the world and it’s nice to think that perhaps people might start to help each other and live at peace with others.


6 responses to “Social Unity

  1. I love this poem & your optimism!
    In my generation we so wanted to change the world. We tried & we did change some things. We also realized that Governments have their own agendas that have nothing to do with the ‘common man’ & the peace & equality we want. I keep hoping & praying that one day I shall see peace & global unity!
    There is still hope Andrew….
    One of my friends said if each person cleaned up ‘their patch’ we could change things on a larger scale… for thought….
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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