One Hundred Minds

One hundred minds,
but only one speaking.
Providing the knowledge
for ninety nine seeking.

Two hundred ears,
undivided attention,
through thoughts we can search
and achieve comprehension.

Three hundred questions,
three hundred replies
an enviable mind,
of a coveted size.

One hundred minds,
now louder than ever,
united by answers
that bring us together.

~ Andrew
It’s national poetry day in the UK (the theme is Light but I’m terrible with themed poetry) and as such I wanted to get people thinking about the power of one mind speaking. In my lectures there are over 100 of us all listening to the lecturer (and some who aren’t) which inspired this idea that one speaker can captivate a huge audience over a single topic.


2 responses to “One Hundred Minds

  1. Your poem describes what it has felt like for months as we faced a Federal Election. Each of the candidates speaking for many many people about their ideas & beliefs & how they would run the country.
    It was so difficult to decide on a new PM so I went with my party instead. Hopefully our new PM does not screw things up! 😉

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