A New Chapter

A chapter marks
a new start,
turning over a new leaf
and following your heart.

Learning from past pages
the chapters you’ve traversed,
trying to remember things
just as we rehearsed.

A new chapter is exciting,
it can be fresh and new and bold
It follows you from birth to death
yet cannot be controlled.

You never know what’s coming
turning corners, facing fears,
but chapters come and chapters go
in days and weeks and years.

So here’s to your next chapter,
may the words we write be good,
you’ve given your all,
and you’re still standing tall
and I know that you did what you could.

~ Andrew
So a little odd this time but a professional League of Legends player retired today (Dyrus) and said about moving on to the next chapter in his life and yeah, the outcome of that spark of inspiration was this poem


3 responses to “A New Chapter

  1. Sometimes it is a new chapter and sometimes a whole new book. Life is about moving forward rather than sitting in the same rut. Even when life is limited we can grow beyond the story everyone expects of us. When they write your story you want people to be surprised and not that they want to put the story down.

    Interesting choice for inspiration but if it works hey take it.


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