Recipe For A Poem

Recipe for a poem.
Start with an idea,
stir it through thoroughly
until it’s crystal clear.

Add a dash of comedy
or perhaps a pinch of personality.
Spice it up with something new,
your own originality

Sprinkle in a little rhyme,
add metre to the pot.
Cook it in the oven
until it’s nice and hot.

Once your ideas have been roasted
let them sit for an hour or so,
a poem takes time, it’s an art to refine
so it’s best to be cautious and slow.

Once you feel that your poem is ready
It can be shared many thousands of ways
It can be shared with the States a good poem creates
the emotions the poet conveys.

When you’ve seen how the public reacted
use their words and critique to progress
if it’s less than perfection there is time for reflection
to make your next piece a success.

~ Andrew
For me poetry is like a good meal. You need to prepare it in advance, have everything you need and don’t rush it.


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