Just Because You Don’t Like It

Just because you don’t really like it,
that doesn’t make it any less true.
Just because you weren’t aware of it,
doesn’t stop it applying to you.
Just because you don’t understand them,
doesn’t make their point any less sound.
Just because they’re not social copies
doesn’t mean that there’s no common ground

Just take a step back and examine
what you’re allowing yourself to become,
you’re full of disgust, left with nothing to trust
society made your heart numb

~ Andrew
(Short break, needed to recharge my mind a bit)
The world continues to reject change. Whether it be your sexuality, your religious beliefs or even your choice of friends. It’s not down to the opinions of one person to decide the person you are. No one has any right to tell you what you’re not.


5 responses to “Just Because You Don’t Like It

  1. Well said Malfurion…
    I used to try to ‘people please’ & found I was never good enough for someone. I spent a lot of time unsure of who I was. Now I KNOW who I am & I make no apologies. When people try to ‘mold’ me now I do not stick around. Take me as I am or walk away……it is just that simple now…
    Great poem by the way…

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  2. No one should be able to define others. Some people think that they have the right to apply their morals to others. As far as I am concerned the only person to judge me looks at me in the mirror. If you let others define you it stops you being who you want to be and that is just wrong.

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      • It is never easy when the world tells you to be someone who you are never going to be. People push you into square holes because they refuse to see who you really are. You will grow into yourself as you grow older but it does take time to become yourself and know how to stand up to those who want to change you.


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