And Then There’s Me

You’re the smartest I know,
and then there’s me.
Always ready to go
and then there’s me.

A head-turning face
and then there’s me.
You’ve found your place
and then there’s me.

A wanderer, wandering
until I am beckoned,
so sick of a world
in which I’m always put second.

~ Andrew
A little poem for anyone who ever thought they’re not as good as the people around them. Chances are people see you and think you’re great at something you do, don’t measure your success against someone who is nothing like you. Sure you’ve not won an Olympic gold, but maybe you won the battle with your demons to make it to where you are today. In other words, you’re all awesome in your own way πŸ™‚


4 responses to “And Then There’s Me

      • There is a young man (late 20’s-eary 30’s) who walks here every day…he lets his hair & beard grow & he does not speak. It is obvious there is some mental health issue. My friend saw him sleeping rough down by the river….she is kind of afraid of him which I understand. I told her I call him Jesus’….because I see the face of G-d in him…
        He is someone’s Son or Nephew & it is sad that people see him as scary or evil. he is just one of the ‘walking wounded’ of society. When I have passed him on the street I always smile at him (hoping he feels that someone cares)…

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  1. No one really defines you but you. People will try to raise themselves by pushing you down. You are as good as anyone and better than most, thats the only message you need to hear.


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