Watching The World

If you were on the outside
watching the world from far away,
if you could see the things I saw,
you’d see things my own way.

If you could view the world like me
we’d watch on my T.V.
And maybe, maybe then I’d feel
a little less lonely

If you could walk a mile,
a mile in my shoes,
you’d see the world and understand
I’ve got it all to lose.

If you could see the world without
a filter or a screen
you’d keep your thoughts inside your head
and see just what I mean

to say that I am watching,
I am living and I’m learning,
but all the while these empty thoughts
repeatedly returning.

~ Andrew
Sometimes it’s a little lonely being an outsider


7 responses to “Watching The World

  1. Totally relate…I have always been on ‘outsider’ whether in my own community or in the larger world. Maybe because I neither led or followed. I always went my own way….working with men in a men’s only world…I broke THAT mold.
    Still looking in from the outside……it actually is all right…..I feel like a professional observer, lol….

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  2. Think we all go through feeling outside, that people do not or more like will not try to see what we see. Walk a mile in my shoes and they will get more wear and tear than I will ever give them. TV or on CCTV more likely the world moves but your perspective requires effort so show the person why they should make an effort. Your poetry is designed to stir and express and I hope it will allow people to see you at your best.


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