No One’s Angel

Her wings are weathered,
worn away by years,
years of fighting agony
and holding back her tears

Her halo doesn’t shimmer,
it’s just there and nothing more,
everyone’s friend, nobody’s angel
a pain that she cannot ignore

~ Andrew
Another poem of loneliness, sorry, positive poems are much harder to write


9 responses to “No One’s Angel

      • I have been under a lot of stress with my Ex going to Jail (mischief charge) & Court & then to Psyche Ward……I ended up in tears this past Friday night sitting in the bathroom. It was not a pretty sight I can tell you…..Complicated is right!

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  1. Well you just described me to a “TEE” Andrew….
    This is exactly how I am feeling. Received forms from Government re my Marital Status & some pension or other. It all hit me once again….WIDOWED…which to me means nobody’s angel…sighs…..
    You REALLY are an amazing poet!

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      • I think you are right Andrew….just think with all the people n the planet & how many of us feel we have to ‘suppress’ ourselves. It is sort of weird isn’t it?
        I know I wear my ‘sociable’ face when I go out most of the time. My close friends KNOW what I am really feeling. I think it is hard for most people to deal with another’s sadness/grief/upset….

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  2. Don’t worry, everyone struggles with happier poems; they’re definitely the most difficult to write. In my opinion they always end up sounding so cliché, just continue to write what’s true to you, even if they are dark.

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