Passing Comment

Those words
that you say meant nothing,
cut deeper than any knife.
They follow my conscience
and plague my whole life

The words that you thought
were an innocent joke.
Form the rope that constricts me
and the promise you broke.

See your words never mattered
until they mattered to me.
But they mould my emotions
and they choose what to be.

They are echoes of horror,
they are reflections of shame,
they are demons awoken
at the sound of your name

~ Andrew
Be careful what you say to others, even the most minor comment can stick with them for years to come


10 responses to “Passing Comment

  1. Words can heal or they can destroy. The power of words is immense.
    The words: “You’re stupid; you are worthless & you won’t amount to anything” echo over 50 years later in my mind……My Mother’s words scarred me for Life & no matter how successful I was I never felt I measured up. I am very careful what I say to others; even in jest. I would never want to hurt anyone the way I was hurt.
    Thank you for a thought provoking poem Andrew!
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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      • I think the pre-teen & teen years are most important for us to define ourselves & sort of learn who we are & how we are seen by our world at that time. We certainly are more ‘aware’ during Secondary school then we were as small children. I did take those awful words into something positive & I made ‘something’ of myself! I just wish my Mother had never said those words to me.
        Thanks for a great poem ❤


    • It’s often hard to tell whether or not the words that are said are sincere, when you’re young and impressionable they certainly do stick like glue but as you grow older you learn to recognise when words are just being used as a weapon


      • Unfortunately Andrew even when one gets older there are times when you can not recognise if words are sincere or not. Yes, it is harder when young and one would think that they would learn as you get older. But it is just as hard as you grow older, sorry to say.
        TRUST is the main equation in any encounter with anyone in your life.
        Without trust, there is nothing.
        The one thing I have learned in my life are the only sincere words come from the people I trust. That is what you will hopefully learn in the distinction between people as you grow older. Learn to use you own instincts, usually they are right!

        Also, I did agree your piece and written quite well 🙂
        It certainly is true that words can stick with you your whole life, if you let them. That is the demon that needs to be “let go”.

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