The Closing Door

Nothing hurts more,
than a closing door
with a turned back, a shadow, cast.
They come and they go
The high and the low
and disappear into your past.

Nothing hurts more
than an opening door,
of a face that you wish you forgot.
The devil returns
with a fire that burns
in the evil of all you are not.

Nothing hurts more
than the deafening roar
of the car as she leaves you for good.
You’re broken, defeated,
as if you’ve been cheated
you swear that you did all you could.

Nothing hurts more
than her the closing door,
the shadow, familiar, leaving.
The light in its place
is your one saving grace,
it’s the one thing that keeps you believing

~ Andrew
Sometimes the people that leave your life are the ones that were casting shadows where there could be light.


One response to “The Closing Door

  1. Door can open as well close, and sometimes in the strangest and most distance places. The shadows creep around usually more defined in our minds that in reality.


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