And So It Begins

A new year arriving,
with unexplored days,
unpredictable madness
all manner of ways

And so it begins
as we enter the year
with promises made
our ambitions are clear.

We’ll work for our money,
we’ll care for our friends
we’ll help those in need
and create pointless trends.

We’ll follow celebs
and we’ll idolise stars
and we’ll dream of the fast lane
in regular cars,

but when push comes to shove
we all know where we stand,
we don’t know what comes next
but we know what we’ve planned.

~ Andrew
Another poem to enter the New Year, I’ll be trying out a variety of themes and ideas in the coming weeks and seeing what works and what doesn’t, for the most part the poems will be short but I’ll look to write a longer poem and perhaps do some spoken word once I get back into the swing of things.


4 responses to “And So It Begins

  1. Happy New Year Andrew!
    Great little poem… have captured the New Year so well. We all have our goals & plans & it is all unwritten….I always find it fascinating that what I plan never turns out…..Still good things happen & that is wonderful.
    thank you for sharing this gem with us. How is Uni going?

    Liked by 1 person

      • I knew it would be an adjustment Andrew & a BIG one! you came thru with flying colors & I am thrilled you are enjoying yourself. Although I went to College (not Uni); it was the BEST 5 years of my life!!! I had a blast & learned so much & was so creative & alive!! And to graduate with a Psychology degree was the ‘icing on the cake’!!!
        Wishing you well in all your studies!!
        Sherri-Ellen 🙂


  2. Plans come and go but life goes on and the most important thing in life is to enjoy each day. So happy New Year, enjoy every day and be happy.


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