What Is Your Goal?

A question
I ask
as I step
from my bed.
But I can’t
quite describe
what goes on
in my head.
I am working
to something
but ache
takes its toll
I have yet
to find answers
for what
is my goal?

I will broaden horizons
and make people think
and come up with connections
and find missing links

I will strive to become
the best version of me
and I’ll make every effort
so we all can agree

that a purpose, a path,
is the sat-nav of living
it will give you directions
if you’re kind
and forgiving

the directions it gives,
will make each of us whole
if we all fit together
we will all reach our goal.

~ Andrew
Hope you enjoyed this poem, I’ll be trying to write some more upbeat and motivational poetry although I’ll still be trying to provoke thoughts 🙂


5 responses to “What Is Your Goal?

  1. Positive poetry suits you, the negative stuff is good and comes from a place of retrospect but the positive seems to engulf you in a message of go forth and enjoy. In my mind I know which feels better to me as a reader.

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    • I feel like the negative poetry is often written by me, for me, whereas trying to help others is something that I feel I write with the intention of sharing immediately because, like any good message, I just want to have it out there


      • Of course most poetry is cathartic and should be what makes you feel. An outsider has a different perspective which will not be the same as the different life experiences shaped the reader. The hope is always the poetry generates a connection between author and reader and some pieces will resonate more than others.

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