Unfinished Thoughts

These thoughts of mine,
so incomplete
whilst other thoughts
are whole and neat
I cannot write
what isn’t done
I cannot be
the only one
Who writes a line
and takes it back
and writes again
but still it lacks
the little spark
to make it shine
the little touch
to make it mine
so I erase
the words I wrote,
unfinished thoughts
no antidote.

~ Andrew
It has been a while since I wrote and I was hit with a little burst of inspiration for this one. I always find myself unable to finish something I started, I want everything I write to be the best quality possible and that inner perfectionist is a huge obstacle for me


12 responses to “Unfinished Thoughts

  1. Well ‘Mr. perfectionist’ (hehehe) this poem is perfect!!! I feel like this when I am trying to compose a poem these days! Your writing is getting better & your poems have been FAB from the start!!!
    Hope Uni is treating you well Andrew.

    Liked by 1 person

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