It takes two to make me one

Alone I am a nothingness,
a speck amongst the dust,
but in your company I find
a feeling I can trust

I feel as though I’m whole again
I’m human and I’m me,
behind a screen I’m nothing
just a hopeless wannabe

I know it isn’t healthy
but alone I feel torn
the minute I have friends around
my passion is reborn

It takes a second person
to keep my mind at ease,
to save me from my loneliness,
my curse and my disease.

~ Andrew


7 responses to “It takes two to make me one

  1. WOW!!! Just WOW!!!!!
    That is how my Quadriplegic hubby & I felt about each other. He felt like nothing because of his paralysis & I felt like I was only 1/2 human because of my past. Together we fought the world for 13 yrs.
    Some days THAT feeling you wrote about comes back but I look at my photos of Paul & remember I am a whole person even tho’ he is gone…..

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      • I totally agree Andrew.
        I re-read your poem & thought about my father & myself. he also completed me in that he totally understood me & was a patient loyal Father….
        He dealt with my Hyperactivity in positive ways & I had an epiphany that he was my ‘Ritalin’….lol….a funny thought but it is the truth.
        He has been gone since 2009 & now I know why I have had trouble ‘coping’….
        This poem helped me to this realization…
        Not only a Poet but a Psychiatrist with Words 😉
        Thank you, Sherri-Ellen

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      • I think writing about a feeling that people share is somewhat therapeutic for the reader and writer, when I had the idea for the poem it was because I realised that without other people I had no inspiration to write. I’m glad you came to realize what the feeling is and I’m sorry to hear that he’s gone :c

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