Revision notes are written
and by written I mean started
I mean, I’ve written all the headings
though my effort is half-hearted.

I mean, I wrote my notes in lectures,
so I could always look at those,
but just reading it won’t be enough
as everybody knows.

I’ve got a page of colours,
highlighted everything I need
but my ink is running out now
so I guess that I should read

all the words that now are yellow
with a hint of black mixed in
and my highlighter is ruined
so I’ve thrown it in the bin

So now I need a new highlighter
and I’ve still not read my notes
and I haven’t read the reading list
or memorised the quotes

or practised the equations
but that was my own decision.
I spent more time doing nothing
than I spent on my revision.

~ Andrew


4 responses to “Revision

  1. Your mind is a tool, you have got to where you are using it. You will have developed skills that have worked in the past so go down the route you know. A path well trodden. It is obvious from the quality of your poetry you have a great mind so just let it lose.


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