Words At War

They are fighting on the page,
do you see? Do you see?
It’s a war between the words
as they fight to be set free.

I am fighting with the page,
I write words, it makes them suck.
I am running out of patience
I am running out of luck.

I’d be happy with a sentence
just one line and nothing more.
It’s a fight to finish writing
when you have the words at war.

~ Andrew
I really can’t remember how many poems I’ve written about writer’s block. I just need to get something on the page. I’ve been doing a lot of writing but either scrapped it or not finished it. I’ll try to be a bit more active on here in the coming weeks though

6 responses to “Words At War

      • Of course..Summer vaca right??
        I knew you would do fine at 1st year of Uni. You have a good mind Andrew & a lot of drive to succeed!!!
        (and now I sound like an old Aunty, hahahaha…)
        Sherri-Ellen 😉


    • Generally my block comes after a while of doing the same thing so doing something new will usually help. I’m keen on rhyme as a feature in some form as can be seen in pretty much every poem I write but I can drop structure and write although I tend not to share them as they’re often more deep and personal

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