Forgotten Feeling

If you feel it, grip it tight
there are some who might forget
how it feels to be alone.

They use us for a while,
then they toss us to the floor
but we make the same mistakes

we build bridges from the rubble
act the way we did before
but still our bridges break.

We are architects of emotion
if we’re happy you don’t mind
but the second we are broken
you’re impossible to find.

Lying in the fallen pieces,
of the memories we forged
we gather up our things,

nothing brings more sadness
than to see our efforts fail,
you move on without us.

Although nothing can replace you
we let strangers fill the void,
that you have created.

As these strangers start to warm to us,
that forgotten feeling grows,
they will soon become a memory
and on and on it goes.

~ Andrew

3 responses to “Forgotten Feeling

  1. Without sounding like a pompous A$$; how do you write such insightful poetry???
    How do you feel such deep emotion….
    I mean there is 40 years between us in age & you just wrote my life for the past 2 years in this poem.
    *wipes tears away*
    Thank you Andrew… are an inspiration to me…
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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