Manifested Loneliness

Everyone has them,
empty moments.
Seconds trapped in the abyss,
a manifested nothingness.

Just like that
I am alone.
I know the feeling all too well,
I can’t escape this living hell.

These moments
can be torturous.
They tie me, gag me,
through hell they drag me.

It’s over.
I’m free.
For a second I was scared,
I was alone and unprepared.

Another one,
I know it’s coming.
I close my eyes and count to ten
and wait for lonely thoughts again.

~ Andrew


2 responses to “Manifested Loneliness

  1. Touching poem Andrew…
    I am experiencing Loneliness in that close friends have or are moving far away & just ceasing to call or email me. I had a episode with my legs last Thursday night. Ended up sliding to the floor in kitchen. Cordless phone not close by. I was sitting in the nite lite semi-darkness & felt completely empty & alone.
    Then Siddhartha Henry jumped on counter an he sat for 15 minutes patting me on the head…
    What a sweet kittyboy!
    That emptiness I felt tho’ was truly scary for me.


  2. I wonder how much of loneliness is down to how society tell us to live our lives. Expectations are set, but perhaps there are places you could go or reach out to to change how you fit into the world.

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