Message (NPD 2016)

There are so many words,
that have never been said.
A thought cast aside,
to the back of your head.

A goodbye never spoken,
an ‘I love you’ unheard,
a ‘take care’ as you’re leaving
it’s rather absurd.

Your message is better
where the whole world can hear it
if you have something to say
there is no reason to fear it.

If we all raise our voices
fix what matters to you
but be kind with your words
for they can break people too

~ Andrew
I’ve been inactive on here a lot and honestly it’s because I haven’t found a reason to write recently. I wrote something for National Poetry Day though and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I guess this reflects my feelings towards my unfinished poems, so many thoughts I’ve just never shared because I didn’t think they mattered.

6 responses to “Message (NPD 2016)

  1. Andrew this is a fab poem! And my friend I treasure the words you share here. I think you are one of the best poets I have EVER read over the years! No fooling…
    Write when you can….and trust the process….you are a natural at this….
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

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    • Thanks again for the kind words, I really appreciate all your support throughout the time I’ve been a bit ‘blocked’ as far as inspiration goes. I’m hoping to sit down and write a few times a week and hopefully some of it will be worth sharing

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      • That’s what poets do for each other!!! You will find the writing will ebb & flow (like the sea) & one time you will write a bunch of poems & then go for weeks w/out one word leaving your head…..
        We poets are an interesting lot aren’t we???
        In olden days we were called ‘wordsmiths’……pretty cool right?


  2. We all have fears about words, sometimes the damage they can cause or sometimes the implications of those words. Communication should never cease without an explanation but too often we forget ourselves and charge headlong into the next thing. Some people never want to say goodbye but the choice is taken away. Kind words cost nothing but how you take them sometimes can hurt.

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    • When it comes to communication I think we as people naturally tend to avoid any topics of weakness and thus we hide from the problem instead of addressing it. If something genuinely worries us we shouldn’t be scared to speak up but how others perceive us weighs far too much on the actions we choose to make


      • Do we have weaknesses or are they just a part of us that judged by others is perceived as weakness. We are often scared, even terrified of our words and the words of others. While the truth may hurt the lies that others hide behind are far worse. Sometimes though better to bite our tongue and bide or time to say things when those words can affect people outside the conversation.


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