I am being held hostage
and fear my for health
they tell me I’m free
if I surrender my wealth

but I’ve emailed hundreds
and I’ve heard nothing since
could you please take my money?
Thanks, Nigerian Prince

~ Andrew

Inspired by a prompt on Reddit a few months ago that just came into my mind the other day – “You, a rich man, have been abducted. Your kidnapper wants you to feel what it’s like to be poor, and will only let you go if you give your fortune away. Trouble is, you’re a Nigerian prince.” It’s only short but I’ve not had much luck following through on longer poem ideas so I figured I’d share something a little bit shorter in the meantime


One response to “Hostage

  1. What a great little poem Andrew!!!
    Nigeria is a complex place. A lot of poverty & unfortunately scammers abound there trying to ‘hustle’ for money. I was contacted by a fellow 6 yrs ago on FB. Phony profile with a handsome white man’s piccie. I never did send any money & in fact I traced the young Nigerian man right to his house!!!! Did that for my neighbor also.
    Maybe they should go to their Princes’ & ask for help???? 😉
    Hope all is well with you there.
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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