The Art Of Being Alone

If I mastered the art
of being alone
I could pick up new skills
without being shown.
I could undertake projects
that require just one
I’d be proud when I finish
of the work that I’ve done.

If I mastered the art
of self-motivation
I’d achieve all my goals
and resist all temptation.
I would write every day,
get 8 hours of sleep
overcome any hurdle,
there’s no mountain too steep.

If I mastered the art
of accepting my place,
I could take off this mask
that I wear on my face.
I would show them my weakness
so they can see when I’m strong.
I could say without doubt
this is where I belong.

~ Andrew
Often I find myself contemplating what I’m doing with my life. University has me drained day after day and poetry is my escape. I’m going to be trying to at least write once a week and then build myself up to do creative writing as a more regular hobby.


4 responses to “The Art Of Being Alone

  1. Uni will drain you! I guess it is a training ground for the ‘real world’…..I went to College at 34 as I was not ready at 18….I enjoyed working & had a business.
    Maybe you are meant to be working first. Only you know what is right for you Andrew. Certainly you are a Poet with great talent but that may not be a way to earn a living…..
    I think you have to explore all possibilities of what interests you & then go for it!!!
    The poem was FAB! Even at my ‘advanced’ age people want me to wear a mask or fill an ideal THEY have! I refuse to!!!
    So I spend a lot of time alone (with Siddhartha Henry) & that is fine by me…….
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

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    • I don’t think there’s much space for poets as far as income is concerned. It’s something I enjoy doing as a hobby and I think the stress of having to deliver to make money might have a negative effect on the poems I’m writing which is definitely not something I would like. I do like my alone time but I think it’s finding the right balance between socialising and being alone that makes them more complicated

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      • I totally agree with you Andrew! Poetry should flow naturally….and having time deadlines & having to earn money would defeat the flow.
        I also agree about finding the right balance. Without sounding like a old fool; you have years to figure ‘your’ balance out….
        And it will change with time. I tend to like to go ‘out’ to socialize…
        My flat is my sanctuary & I have only select people who are welcome into it….I guess that sounds a bit snobby. It is not meant to be that. I just value my alone time (with Siddhartha Henry) a lot.
        We are similar…poets are a complex species!!!
        Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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  2. You have goals, you have motivation therefore to achieve those goals. If university isn’t going to give you the stepping stone then being drained for no reason isnt fun. However the working world will kick you in the teeth when it comes to draining you. Master the art of being yourself and not wearing other people’s images of who they think you should be. Be true to yourself and stop measuring yourself by yardsticks other people have. If you are happy with who you are 90% of the battles are won.


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