Broken Friend

Are you broken, friend?
Can we get you repaired?
I’ve got a bag full of chocolate
there’s no need to be scared.

Are you broken, friend?
I’ve got games we can play.
I’ve got music and speakers,
if we have nothing to say.

Are you broken, friend?
I’m not leaving your side.
I was here when it started
and I’m here for the ride

Are you broken, friend?
Alone, dark and cold.
I’ve got torches for light
and my body to hold
If you need someone there
I am here till the end
we’ll get through this together,
I can promise that, friend.

~ Andrew


2 responses to “Broken Friend

  1. Oh Andrew that is one of your best poems! I am in tears…
    When my ex-fiancé fell apart that was exactly how I felt. And even to this day I feel that way towards him. You have such a way with words!!!
    Sherri-Ellen ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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