Fictional Feelings

My emotions are tied,
to the lives of the fake,
to the words on the page
and the actors on stage

I care for the people,
that a great mind created
I explore how I feel
when I know it’s not real

I am scared of emotions
and I fear being scared
They’re the greatest unknown
when you’re lost and alone

but bury your heart
in the sweet words of fiction,
it’s an easy way out
of the mind’s worst affliction

~ Andrew
A lot of the feelings I’ve experienced throughout my life are best explained through the characters on TV or in a book and the things they feel. I often spend my time analysing the aspects of myself which I see in fictional characters.


4 responses to “Fictional Feelings

  1. Very introspective poem Andrew!
    I can relate so well. I am watching a Chinese show called “ICE FANTASY” & I see myself as the Warrior woman who would do ANYTHING to keep the Ice Prince safe from harm.
    I also relate to the character Thea Osbourne from the “Cotswold” mystery series by Rebecca Tope….she is a young widow (40) with a dog who housesits all over the Cotswolds & helps solve murders.
    Fiction is totally awesome, lol!
    Sherri-Ellen πŸ™‚

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  2. We all see ourselves as fictional characters or at least partially. The fact we relate to characters in books is part of the imagination and we see the better traits of the “hero” as things we would at least like to see in how we behave. Putting that interaction into words is difficult but you seem to have achieved that remarkably well. Of course it is often like a swan gliding through the water whilst the legs are paddling like crazy below the waterline.


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