My Valentine Unsent

Soft words,
a poem,
a confession of my love,
now lay crumpled
in my satchel.

A Valentine unsent,
crushed card carrying
words meant
for your eyes
and your eyes only

A lonely heart
wandering, misguided,
foolish fantasies and fixations
congratulations on not being lost.
Lost like I was.

Looking back,
with a ripped envelope in hand
I see the faint outline of the words
‘Happy Valentine’s day’
and I reflect on the words
you never knew I tried to say.

~ Andrew


3 responses to “My Valentine Unsent

      • I treasure many memories also. And ‘revisiting’ them makes them clearer & more special as time passes on…..we are so alike, lol!
        And I admire & respect your writing & you 150%!!


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