The Short Time I Knew You

A week, maybe two,
we spoke every day,
thought we’d go on forever,
there was so much to say
twenty years of a life
first crossed paths with my own
so much to explore,
so much still unknown

In the short time I knew you
I had so much to learn,
drawn in by my questions,
as I shared your concern.
Though we were not old friends
I was saddened by pain
and though we no longer speak
I’d still do it again.

~ Andrew
Day 3 (2 for me) of NaPoWriMo. I hope you enjoy, not a lot to say about this poem.


2 responses to “The Short Time I Knew You

  1. Life is a lesson that sometimes comes with pain and sometimes pleasure but it is yours to decide on what you will do. I know that words can touch people is such a wondrous way. Wordsmith you would have been called many centuries ago.

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