Sell Yourself

Today we are vendors
we are selling ourselves
like some fake it make up
take it and break up product
that you’d pick up off the shelves

We write bios for attention
as we mention who we are
but the few who view our profile
very rarely get that far.

First they see us in our photos,
Photoshop don’t let me down.
I’m a 4 at best, far from well dressed
They say smile so I frown.

Today I am on sale,
reduced to clear and out of dates,
a first would start under the stars
and end at your front gate

but beyond that you need answers
why’s my favourite colour red?
Do I have a job or kids at home
what’s it like inside my head?

Am I safe from all diseases,
would you describe me as a catch?
We sell ourselves
and hope to spark
a light with every match.

~ Andrew
My 4th poem for NaPoWriMo, trying to push myself out of my comfort zone again, see what I can come up with


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