A Love To Die For

He looked at his watch
she was running behind
for the kill he was chasing
she was a nuisance to find

She came in high heels
sharp as can be
the kill she desired
was about six foot three

He was dressed to impress
with a suit and a tie
if he was the spider
then she was the fly

She wore a new necklace,
a gift from the last
he had tried to escape
but she had been too fast

He made his move
pushed her up to the wall

She wrapped her legs round him
as they stood in the hall

He saw her still smiling
he had made a mistake

She realised hers too
as her hands start to shake

He nodded and smiled

She slipped from his grip

They walked separate ways
as their wrists start to drip

~ Andrew
Little bit of a darker poem based on a prompt on reddit about two serial killers who kill their dates but are on a date with each other. Day 8 of NaPoWriMo I hope you enjoyed this weird little poem.


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