Take Action

The world
is depressed.

Lying in bed
still problems unaddressed.

I have woken up every day
this week
and the only change I see
is a couple of coins
scattered on my desk

I’ve stepped outside
every day
and even when clouds
fill the sky
it’s not sad, it’s just grey.

We associate sadness
with weather and whether
you like it or not
hatred still exists
still exist.

I can’t help but feel helpless
knowing somewhere out there
is someone who barely feels like living
because the world can be cruel
and the world is unforgiving

but that’s just because we broke it,
said see-saws were scales
and we didn’t see the inequality.
We were labelled pass or fail
and some people didn’t make the cut

until they did.

It’s not enough to say
we didn’t see it.

We turn a blind eye to the guy
who said he wanted to die
and until you try
you’re not worth their time

We put a measure on success
and if you’re not ticking boxes
like a checklist
you’re not good enough

I wish I could speak
to all the broken people
give them a minute of my time
because feeling pain is not a crime
and you should not feel guilty for it
let me repeat that
feeling pain is not a crime
and you should not feel guilty for it.

~ Andrew
Day 9 of NaPoWriMo. I seem to come back to the topic of bullies and depression a lot but I think it’s something that we should be talking about. We hear stories all the time but it’s always after the fact, it’s time to actually step in and stop the problem at the source



3 responses to “Take Action

  1. Beautiful poignant poem Andrew! I was bullied back in Primary School. Then one day my Father told me it was OK to fight…so I DID!! I was beating up the bullies!!! They got a taste of their own medicine.
    People here tried to bully me because of my religion but they found that I am untouchable!! I just do not care.
    Your words are strong & clear. Thank you!
    Sherri-Ellen šŸ™‚

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  2. There are people struggling with darkness that is steeped with history. But those that come through the darkness most often come through with a stronger outlook. Bullies are people who are suffering to feel special and lash out at those who are better, brighter or any other word ending er. Too often we try to hide from the negative inside us. Life is strange but life has good and bad, just try to find the good in people.

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