Like notes to musicians,
cells help us compose,
biological matter
from our heads to our toes.
But wider, think bigger,
nine billion lives,
and all throughout time,
only one thing survives.

Humans we are, but once, we were not,
the dinosaurs ruled, now in soil they rot.
Dodos and donkeys and daffodils share
this common existence, we see cells everywhere.

But though cells live on,
they die just as fast,
with each generation,
as short as the last.

Mitosis, meiosis, all things we can measure,
we live out our lives with our eyes set on pleasure,
inside us, cells dying, under careful instruction,
they kill themselves by what we call ‘self-destruction.’

Although cells hold power
like words on a page
we can see ourselves as
a biological cage
the cells in our bodies
are trapped there for good
like an engine they drive us
from under the hood.

~ Andrew
Finished off something I started writing for a poetry competition a while ago. I didn’t finish it because my heart just wasn’t in it when it was for a competition. I knew if I were competing I wouldn’t be happy with it no matter what, but I am happy with it. Day 10 of NaPoWriMo


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